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Sedatif PC 

As documented in Homeopathic Literature, Stodal® cough syrup has a unique composition of ingredients to benefit patients with a wet or a dry cough. Thanks to its homeopathic ingredients, Stodal® does not cause any drowsiness and contains no stimulants. Stodal® is suitable for use by adults, children, the elderly, as well as those individuals on chronic medication. Take 15 ml 3 to 5 times per day.

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Contains sucrose and lactose. Persons intolerant to these ingredients should take this preparation only on advice from a practitioner.

Always consult your pharmacist or doctor if symptoms persist.

Stodal® syrup:
Anemone pulsatilla 6 CH – 0.95 g, Antimonium tartaricum 6 CH – 0.95 g,  Bryonia 3 CH – 0.95 g, Coccus cacti 3 CH – 0.95 g, Drosera MT – 0.95 g,  Ipecacuanha 3 CH – 0.95 g, Myocarde 6 CH – 0.95 g, Rumex crispus 6 CH – 0.95 g, Spongia tosta 3 CH – 0.95 g, Sticta pulmonaria 3 CH – 0.95 g, Tolu syrup – 19.00 g, Senega syrup – 19.00 g, Excipient q.s.p. 100.00 g. 
Applicant:  V.J. Bartlett, U2151 (Act 101/1965)